2015 – getting off to a good start

As a child I always enjoyed returning to school after the long summer holidays.  The rituals of covering books, organising my pencil case, getting a new school bag were accompanied by a sense of anticipation about the new teachers and new subjects.

As a teacher and principal, I’ve experienced a similar sense of anticipation.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve worked in a particular school, things are never static.  Each year we welcome a new cohort of Year 8s, take on new teaching challenges and introduce new initiatives to better support students with their learning.

What I’ve learnt as a student and teacher is that getting off to a good start is very important.  Establishing good routines around personal organisation, homework, diary use, positive behaviour for learning is critical.

My experience is that the overwhelming majority of students return to school wanting to do as well if not better than the year previous.  How we support them in the early weeks of the school year as parents and teachers goes a long way to ensuring that good intentions become good habits.

What do you do to support your child to make a good start to the new school year?  What would you like to see teachers and support staff at Kapunda High School do more of (or less of) to help your child make a positive start to 2015?

Please feel free to add your ideas to this post or email me:  kristen.masters775@schools.sa.edu.au.