Virtual desktop and ‘bring your own device’

Following a ‘soft launch’ in 2014,  we will be more deliberate in ‘rolling out’ a new digital technology approach at Kapunda High School which has the opportunity to make the goal of ‘anytime, anywhere’ become a reality.

Already we have a number of students who regularly bring their own tablet or notebook computer to school and the capacity to connect to the school’s network and internet is supporting them with their learning in all classes.

A number of students also use quite expensive applications as part of their studies here at school but don’t have access to the same at home.  Through the virtual desktop they can access them.

So what is it all about?

  • Students will be able to connect to the school network (via the internet) from any device – be it at school or home – and access all the applications they need.
  • They will get the same ‘experience’ – regardless of the age or quality of the device they are using.
  • Because the servers at school are doing all the work (not the actual machine), the processing speed is much faster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Will it be compulsory for students to bring a device (tablet, notebook) to school?

No but they have the opportunity to do so.

If my child wants to bring a device to school, will it need to be of a certain quality?

Because we will be using a virtual desktop, the processing power of the device being used is of no consequence.  However, having a battery that will last the day, along with a reasonable screen size for learning will be important.

What if I don’t have internet access at home?

Our ICT Network Manager, Jack Mickan, will be able to work with individual families on an alternative solution that enables some access to school applications.

So that we can answer your questions re this new initiative, we invite you to post them here on our web site or send them to


  1. As I’m not up to date with all of the new products available and quite often when you go into a store they’ll try to sell you something you don’t need capability-wise, it’d be great to get some recommended products to give me an idea. For example, is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sufficient? A Sony Vaio notebook is capable of doing everything but making me a cup of tea by the looks of it, but is it overkill for high school?

    • Thanks for your query. From a school perspective, there is no reason to get all ‘the bells and whistles’ – something quite basic is perfectly fine. The reason is that when logging into the school network, it will be the school server doing the processing work and it will make no difference whether you are using a top of the range new device or an older, basic one – the experience will be exactly the same. The issue is whether you want to use it for other purposes. For portability a tablet device might be something worth considering. Kristen Masters, Principal