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All students are expected to have a device for school use. This is to ensure that all students have equal opportunity to develop ICT capabilities and digital literacies. These skills are embedded throughout the Australian Curriculum and are important to success in our modern world.

Recommended Device Portal

KHS has partnered with Learning With Technologies (LWT) to provide an online purchasing portal with suitable devices. The devices are supplied at a competitive price for our families, but we receive no commission on the devices.

The advantages of purchasing through the BYOD recommended device portal:

  • Devices are ‘educational standard’ which means that you can be assured that they have the necessary battery life, storage capacity and ‘sturdiness’ for the rigours of school life.
  • A three year on-site warranty is included in the price.
  • There is also the ability to organise insurance for damage, loss or theft (if not covered through household insurance) as part of the package.
  • KHS is the service point for any issues. Instead of returning the device to the retailer, students can drop it into the IT Help desk and our staff will arrange for it to be repaired by the manufacturer, with a short turn-around.

LWT also provide a ‘rent to buy’ option for families, which is accessible through the recommended device portal (link below). That way, families will be able to pay the device off on a monthly basis if that works better than an outright purchase. (Online application process applies). The laptop can also be put on Lay-by for a $100 deposit, goods will not ship until the balance on your order is fully paid.

If you are unsure about which option is right for you please speak to the KHS IT Helpdesk on 85662203.

Lenovo ThinkPad L13 YOGA
(with Active Stylus)
Intel Core i5 Processor, 8GB Ram, 256 GB SSD, 13.3” 1920 x1080 TouchScreen

KHS Recommends this device as an advanced performer. Suitable for all subjects. With quality processing power, memory and storage, this device will run the essentials with ease and has the required grunt to run more demanding tasks for Media/Design/Tech/Art.
Multi-touch 360 degree hinge screen with active stylus included.

Lenovo ThinkPad L13 (Non-Touch)
Intel Core i5 Processor, 8GB Ram, 256 GB SSD, 13.3” 1920 x1080

KHS Recommends this device as an advanced performer. Suitable for all subjects. With quality processing power, memory and storage, this device will run the essentials with ease and has the required grunt to run more demanding tasks for Media/Design/Tech/Art. Non-Touch screen means improved battery life.

Click here to go to the KHS Recommended Device Portal

Other Retailers

Devices can certainly be purchased from other retailers such as Harvey Norman, JB HiFi or locally at TechMe Gawler. Devices should meet the minimum requirements and we recommend that you have a good look at what warranty options are provided:

Click here to view our Device Recommendations flyer

Please note: All software required for school is free of charge or covered by school fees. Don't let retailers sell you something you don't need. If you need some help choosing a device that is right for you, please speak to the KHS IT Helpdesk on 85662203.

Limited KHS Loan Computers

A limited number of better quality second hand devices will be available for long-term hire from the school. Our Governing Council has developed criteria for allocation, which will mainly be around evidence of financial hardship, but other aspects will be taken into consideration, including the number of students in the family attending KHS, etc. Families will be able to apply for one of these devices early in Term 4. Application forms will be made available to current and future (year 7) families with decisions made by mid Term 4.

A very small number (less than 20) of aged laptops will be available for short-term (daily) loan. Priority will be given to students who are having their own device repaired, etc.

Click here to download our Application For Long Term Hire Of KHS Laptop

Click here to download the Application For Short Term Loan Of KHS Laptop

For further information, please click on the link below to view the BYOD Information Flyer.

Click here to download the BYOD Information Flyer

Policy, Filtering & Security

Students are required to complete and sign the ICT & Cyber Safety Permission and Acceptance form. Click on the links below to view the ICT & Cyber Safety Policy and Permission and Acceptance form.

Click here to view our ICT & Cyber Safety Policy

Click here to view our ICT & Cyber Safety Permission and Acceptance form

The policy/permission and acceptance form also available from the school Reception office. This agreement will remain ‘active’ during enrolment at Kapunda High School.

While using their devices, students at school are connected to the school network and will automatically use the school internet, protected by standard network policies, school filtering and security. The school’s wireless network filters online content to prevent students accessing inappropriate content.

BYOD CONNECTION DAYS 2022  (2023 dates will be updated mid January) 

Each year we run an optional BYOD Connection Day to enable new students to access their KHS login details a few days early and get connected to the school network. Recommended software can also be installed on this day to allow students to familiarise themseles with their device ahead of what can be an overwhelming first week of school.

Session times have now have now been finalised for any new students starting at KHS this year. Sessions are available on the 21st, 24th and 25th of January. Due to the current covid situation these will be shorter sessions than previous years and limited to students only. Sessions will start on the hour and Students will be finished by half past the hour. Under current Department for Education guidelines, parents/caregivers are asked not to attend the school site for these appointments. Please make arrangements to drop off / pick up your child or kindly wait at the gate.

Please book students in to one of the sessions via the link below. If all sessions are filled we may add additional sessions if time permits. Please remember these sessions are optional and all students will have the time to get their laptops connected to the network once school starts.

By this Friday 21st, our internal BYOD homepage will be updated with all the current instructions for 2022. Apart from connecting to the School Wireless Network all other requirements can be completed from home with a suitable internet connection via this site.

Please visit the following link to book in to a Laptop Connection Session. Please do not attend the session if you are unwell or have any covid symptoms.

If new students just wish to collect their passwords to complete the setup process at home, they can do so at the front office between 10 and 11am on Monday 24th or between 2 and 3pm on Tuesday 25th January. Again, only students onsite please.