School Philosophy


At Kapunda High School we value:

  • Striving for excellence in all endeavours.
  • Respecting all people and treating them accordingly.
  • Being honest in all that we do.
  • The diversity of our school community.


Our Mission is:


Students have opportunities to maximise their potential and capacity to succeed in a changing world.


Via a high quality, innovative, relevant and enterprising curriculum.


In a safe, secure and stimulating environment.


Delivered by a positive, caring and friendly staff.


At Kapunda High School we will:

  • Provide a curriculum which:
    • Enables individual and flexible pathways for students;
    • Is innovative and integrated within flexible structures;
    • Fosters creativity, independent learning and community partnerships;
    • Celebrates multiculturalism and enables students to be valuable global citizens.
  • Ensure relationships with all members of the school community are positive by:
    • Meaningful interactions;
    • Appreciating and acknowledging student efforts;
    • Being caring and respectful of others;
    • Fostering cooperation and teamwork.
  • Ensure that we work within a safe yet stimulating and socially responsible environment for which we all share responsibility.