Learning Support

The Learning Support Team at Kapunda High School consists of an Assistant Principal, School Service Officers and Mentors who work to assist students with disabilities and learning difficulties to maximise their success. Individual learning Plans and student ‘Access Cards’ provide confidential information to teachers about individual learning difficulties and recommended support strategies.
Students with learning difficulties are supported in a variety of ways including 1:1 support, tutoring, in-class support in small groups, alternate programme design, curriculum accommodations and / or modifications. Students are also provided with support and guidance to plan future pathways within and beyond school. In the senior years students can apply for SACE 1 and 2 Special Provisions to assist them with in-school and external assessments. Support may occur during study periods for senior students.


Kapunda High School has a well-established mentoring programme to provide support to students with learning difficulties. Mentors are allocated to those students nominated to receive mentoring at the start of the year. Students will meet with their mentor every week. The time will be used to plan, prepare, complete tasks and learn for tests/exams.

The mentoring programme aims to:

  • Develop positive relationships between students and mentors in a safe, one-to-one environment
  • Increase the self-esteem and confidence of students
  • Support the successful learning of students
  • Promote, encourage and value parent and community commitment and participation
  • Foster parent and teacher relationships
  • Create a genuine sense of community within the school