Centenary Foundation

In 2007 Kapunda High School celebrated 100 years of secondary education in Kapunda; from its beginnings in 1907 as a ‘continuation’ class in the Kapunda Primary School.

With such a significant anniversary occurring and the importance of the school to its past and present students and the community in general, it seemed fitting to ensure a lasting legacy of this milestone year.

Hence, the establishment of the Kapunda High School Centenary Foundation.

The Base of the Foundation

The Foundation is basically a Capital Fund, with the revenue generated being used for student scholarships in varying forms, and managed by a Board originally formed from a contributing membership base.

Significant, initial financial support was provided by the late Jim Bettison who was a scholar at the school from 1945 to 1949 and always retained a proud interest in the Kapunda High School. The late Helen James also supported the Foundation and the Bettison and James families have continued this support, along with other local generous donors.

Primarily the Foundation provides educational and vocational support to current and past students of the Kapunda High School. Broadly this is in the form of scholarships, grants and awards, as determined by the Board of the Foundation.

It is an acknowledged fact that many tertiary students are forced survive on the poverty line, and this is particularly so for rural students who have added costs of having to move from home, or travel long distances to further their studies.

Who funds the Foundation?

The Foundation continues to accept and invest donations from corporate bodies, community organisations and individuals, and from the very large base of ex-scholars of Kapunda High School. These donations may be in the form of large or small initial contributions, continuing pledges or nominated bequests in wills.

In 2011 the Foundation was accepted as a member of the Country Education Foundation of Australia and as a result of that link is now able to offer tax advantages to donors.

Who has benefited from the Foundation?

Since 2008, the number of students who have benefitted from the Centenary Foundation has steadily increased, reaching the current plateau of approximately 15-20 students per year receiving support.

Students have pursued studies in areas such as Teaching, Engineering, Creative Writing and Language, Psychological Studies, Boilermaking, Mechatronics, Social Work, Media Studies and Architecture.

How to be involved

People don’t necessarily have to invest a huge amount of money to make a difference. If everyone who is connected in some way with Kapunda High School contributed even a small amount, it would not take very long for serious capital to grow and be able to generate future funds for investing back into our school community.

You can contribute in the following ways:

  • Make a direct donation or an ongoing commitment to the Kapunda High School Foundation.
  • Make a donation through the Country Education Foundation of Australia. You will receive tax advantages and the Kapunda High School Foundation will receive your donation, minus a small surcharge deducted by the Country Education Foundation as part of the tax deduction arrangements.
  • Organise a fund-raising event specifically for the Kapunda High School Foundation. All proceeds will go directly to the Foundation.
  • Make a nominated bequest through your will.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Foundation if you would like to be involved. Please contact Secretary Anne Hornsey 0428 290 447 or at khiyam@westnet.com.au  

The Kapunda High School Centenary Foundation supports and encourages Kapunda High School students and ex-students:

  • in the development of character, creativity, integrity and leadership
  • by enhancing opportunities for the realization of potential talents and strengths
  • through scholarships, awards, grants or projects
  • in the promotion of innovation and excellence in the school learning environment.

Further information on the latest round of grant offers is available from the Country Education Foundation of Australia website, by contacting Kapunda High School during school hours on 8566 2203 and requesting an application package.