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For more information about studying abroad in South Australia, please contact:

International Education Services

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International Study Tour Host School

IMG_0001.JPGFor a number of years, Kapunda High School has hosted a Study Tour from Hachioji Junior High School in Japan late July/early August.

Generally, around ten host families are sought from the school community to accommodate our visitors, who arrive late July and leave early August. Host families in the past have truly valued this experience.

‘It really was an invaluable experience for our family. We learned some of their language and culture and also shared our lifestyle and experiences with them.’ host family 2017

If you are interested in hosting a student or have any questions please contact Dani Ryan on 8566 2203 or via email

Whilst the students are here, they engage with a variety of activities offered throughout the school. They attend ESL lessons, create Australian artwork, cook Australian foods, make and engraved boomerangs in Design and Technology, experience different science experiments as well as school lessons with their KHS buddies.

Our visitors also attend an excursion to the Gorge Wildlife Park where students are able to get up close to Australian native animals and visit the Whispering Wall. A great experience for KHS students to spend the day communicating with the Japanese students and learning about their culture.