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BYOD Info for 2018

A few years ago, with an ever increasing presence of personal technology at school, KHS initiated an option for students to use their own mobile technology (Laptop, Netbook or Tablet) as a learning tool. Our students have enjoyed considerable benefit in having their own device to use.
Now, with the previously funded federal government laptops being withdrawn from service at the end of 2017 due to their declining condition, students attending Kapunda High School will be expected to have a device for daily school use from the beginning of 2018. Most secondary schools (public and private) are in the process of making this transition as unfortunately, purchasing enough devices for all students is not sustainable from within school budgets.

A recent school mailout, including further information and some options for low income families are attached below.

KHS BYOD Circular
KHS BYOD Info Booklet
KHS Long Term Loan Application
KHS BYOD Options Survey 

Recommended Device Portal

The KHS BYOD device portal is available through our partner website LWT (Learning With Technologies). Here you can purchase a device that the school recommends for use at KHS. These devices will be supported by the school. Finance options are now available.

We currently have two models with different configurations available. Full details available via the LWT BYOD order portal.

ACER Travelmate B117 Celeron (11.6 inch screen)
KHS Recommends this device for basic everyday school tasks such as Internet research and Document Processing.
ACER Travelmate B117 Pentium Touch (11.6 inch screen)
KHS Recommends this device for basic everyday school tasks such as Internet research and Document Processing. Similar to the Celeron model, but with a slightly better processor and a touch screen.
ACER Travelmate P449 (Intel i5, 4GB Ram, 128GB SSD)
KHS Recommends this device as a solid all-rounder. Great for the basics as well as more processing power for heavier design tasks and a 14 inch screen for easier viewing/editing.
ACER Travelmate P449 (Intel i5, 8GB Ram, 256GB SSD)
KHS Recommends this device as an advanced performer. Great for the basics as well as more processing power for heavier design tasks, 8GB of Ram to support more applications simultaneously and a 256GB SSD Hard Drive to allow for more storage of media rich content. 14 inch screen for easier viewing/editing.
If intending to use these devices for IT or Art/Design subjects during senior school years – the Travelmate P449 models would be recommended.

Click here to go to the KHS BYOD Order Portal

 Previous Information Slideshow (2016-2017)

The last information nights were held in November 2016 after being advertised via Newsletter, Facebook and Handouts(View the Flyer). If you missed the session a copy of the presentation is available below.

SlideshowThumb View the Slideshow  Download as PDF

BYOD Policies and Information

Kapunda High School has implemented a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Network solution. The VDI solution allows supported Tablets, Laptops and other computing devices to connect to a Virtualised PC experience via Wi-Fi or home broadband. Students gain access to this solution via an App or Internet Page which will allow students to access files and software programs as if they were logged on to a standard school computer, without needing to have the actual software installed locally on their device.

To use the VDI solution – students are required have a signed ICT User Agreement (all students must sign this when commencing schooling at KHS.

KHS are looking towards further options in 2018 to allow better device options and flexibility.

View the ICT User Agreement

Get Connected

Here are the steps to get your BYOD Laptop connected to the KHS Virtual Desktop.

Download the VMware Horizon Client program (Choose required version on next page) and then run the installer. (Installers can also be found at school on the Public Drive under P:\BYOD FILES)

If at School make sure your computer is connected to the “VDIWIRELESS” wireless network. If at home make sure you are connected to your home internet.

When asked for the Connection Server details enter: Once installed, open the VMWare Horizon client and log in using your school username and password. Then choose an available desktop to load.

Detailed instructions for installing the VMware Horizon Client and connecting to a KHS Virtual Desktop are available below.

Download the KHS BYOD Instructions

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