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Please read the following information relevent to your child’s year level and then access the links at the bottom of the page to make subject choices and to book subject selection appointments.

YEARS 8-10

Where to from here – a guide to planning for Senior School

Download the  Year 8 and 9 Subject Selection Information

Yr 8 Curriculum Book 2019

This system requires students to take responsibility for making decisions about their schooling. The following steps are outlined to enable wise decisions to be made. It is our belief that the practising of decision making in this way will help students develop responsibility and the important skills needed in making decisions.

Choosing Subjects – When

Students planning for Year 9 or Year 10 will choose their subjects for the whole year (generally 14 semesters or the equivalent) during the latter part of the previous year. There will be the flexibility to make subsequent alterations where these will be for the benefit of the student and are possible (class sizes and facilities). These changes will require the approval of both parent and Year Level Coordinator.

Before Choosing Subjects

As a result of the counselling process, prior to subject choice students should have:

  • a clear idea of available subjects and their implications
  • an appreciation of their individual strengths and interests
  • some idea of the kinds of courses and subjects required by different careers

Just before the time for subject choices, students will have the opportunity to listen to information about the various subjects and ask questions of their Home Group teacher, subject teachers and Curriculum Coordinators. They will spend time going over the process of selection and filling in the form, prior to their final selection. All students are encouraged to discuss their options with parents and make an initial selection of subjects, based on their own individual needs.

Click here to download the Middle School Curriculum Booklet 2019

YEARS 11-12

The following is designed to provide students and parents with information about our SACE Stage 1 and 2 Curriculum. It will help students to make the best possible choices for next year.

In considering courses of study, students and their parents are making very important decisions. Students’ educational backgrounds, interests, capabilities and plans for the future should all be taken into account. Senior students should be starting to seriously consider where their studies are leading. They should plan study pathways to post-secondary education or training.

Selection of subjects is not as simple as it may appear. Poorly selected subjects may adversely affect the course structure and possible post-secondary pathways a student moves into.

It is not intended that all subjects will run in the following year. The final offering will include those subjects that were chosen by sufficient students to create a viable class. A review of choices may be necessary in Term 4 depending on student achievement.

How To Select Your Course Of Study

In selecting a course of study, students should consider the following steps:


  • Ambitions – your future, career plans, your education.
  • Your capabilities and interests.
  • Your achievements at school so far.
  • Information available to you about your choices (from teachers, parents, school counsellors etc.


  • Organisations of the school curriculum – choices, pattern, course descriptors.
  • How subject courses connect to future options.
  • SACE requirements for senior school.
  • Pre-requisites or recommended subjects for further studies.

Sources Of Information

You can get information to help with your course choices from the following

Ready to Select?

View the Course Counselling Process (PDF Slideshow)  

Each student will need to use their individual login details (provided by the school) and login at

Year 10 to 11 (Year 10 Parent Letter 2018)
Subject Selection Counselling Day for Year 10 Students going in to Year 11 is Friday September 7th. Please make a booking here using the code: bfn8d

Year 11 to 12 (Year 11 Parent Letter 2018)
Subject Selection Counselling Days for Year 11 Students going in to Year 12 is Thursday night September 6th and Monday September 10th. Please make a booking here using the code: xkw4s

NOTE: Making appointments and choosing subjects using this site is only available in the specified course counselling periods.

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