Camps & Excursions

KHS Camp & Excursion Information

Excursions relating to particular subjects occur throughout the year with specific information provided prior to the event.

Camps are held each year for various year levels and smaller groups. Details will be sent home during the year about the type and nature of camps. The school reserves the right not to invite students to attend camp if their behaviour record indicates they cannot be trusted to behave appropriately under the supervision conditions existing on camps. Some Year 12 subjects also have camps related to their course requirements.

Year 8 Camp

Aquatics Camp situated at Illawonga, near Swan Reach

Term 1, Week 3 - Group 1: Monday - Wednesday, Group 2 Wednesday - Friday

This camp encourages students to mix socially with people from other primary schools. Though it is an aquatics camp, there are lots of great things to do by day and night, on and off the water.

Activities: knee-boarding, tubing, kayaking, rowing, caving, archery, gymnastics, river cruise, shearing demonstration, whip-cracking, yabbying and karaoke.

Information about this camp is forwarded to transitioning Year 7 students and their families with their Enrolment Pack during the second semester.

year 8 camp year 8 camp

Year 9 Camp

Hiking Adventure Camp situated at Mambray Creek, Mount Remarkable National Park, southern Flinders Ranges

Term 3, Week 4 - Tuesday - Friday

The camp is designed to provide a different range of experiences away from the normal school environment. This camp involves a number of bush walks from a base camp, including one to Mount Remarkable Summit, overlooking the Willochra Plain and Spencer Gulf. Base camp activities are also held.

yr9 camp yr9 camp

Year 10 Camp

Aquatics Camp situated at ‘Tuckaway’, Port Vincent, with a day trip to Berri Bay, Yorke Peninsula

Term 4, Week 5 - Tuesday – Friday

This is a four-day camp where students will have the opportunity to participate in aquatic activities such as wind surfing, sailing, surfing and kayaking. After completing the camp, students are then encouraged to complete a reflection and an online First Aid course. Successful completion will enable students to gain SACE credits, in preparation for Year 11.

year10 camp year10 camp

Year 12 Physical Education Camp

PE Aquatics - Murraylands Aquatic Centre, Murray Bridge

Term 2, Week 1 – Monday - Wednesday

Year 12 PE students attend a sailing camp as part of the practical component of their course. Students develop their physical skills in an alternative outdoor activity as well as demonstrate initiative, self-reliance and effective interpersonal skills. Some of the skills practised are: rigging, capsize drill, man overboard recovery, points of sale, heave ho/luffed up, tacking and gyping.

yr12 camp yr12 camp

Agriculture Camp

Royal Adelaide Show Ag Camp – YHA (youth hostel), Waymouth Street, Adelaide

Term 3, Week 7 – Tuesday - Thursday

During Terms 2 and 3, interested students work with sheep, goats and steers in their lunch period, in preparation for the Royal Adelaide Show events in September. Students compete in Merino Wether, Led Steer and Led Goat competitions with other schools across the State, liaising with breeders and other experts in the field of agriculture, gaining valuable experience in animal husbandry and management.

Ag show

Instrumental Music Service Camp

Port Hughes

Term 2, Week 8 - Sunday – Tuesday

A specialised camp for selected music students. Three days of instruction, culminating in a performance at the town hall.

ims camp